Home… Finally

autumn leavesSix weeks ago we made a move of 2186 miles… crossing the United States from south to north almost border to border… 4 stressed dogs, two blowouts – one on each trailer.. freak early snowstorm that forced an extra day of much needed catch up time and frayed nerves… but we made it.  I still face another round trip to retrieve my mate’s Harley and a second trip half as far to fetch my ponies home from where they are staying at my aunt and uncle’s farm…  At this particular moment in time it seems almost overwhelming… In the past six weeks my mate has started a new job, I have been hired for a position that is just not working out, found our new house and land and tomorrow we sign the paperwork so we can move in. In the moments between we have immersed ourselves in all that is so wonderful about our new home… It is those spaces in time that make every inch of every mile worth it and the reason I would do it 10 times over if need be. It seems that this move is much more than a geographic change for us… This has been a complete paradigm shift… how this plays out has yet to be seen but it promises to be anything but boring… My mate has quit smoking, struggled with the fact that life moves a bit slower here (even though that is exactly what we were looking for) and has allowed his outlook on life to be more open… As for me, I feel as if I am finally home.  I have only felt this way one other time in my life but given the choice between the two,this place would win hands down. It is hard to describe except to say that it feel as if I’m in my own skin… Even though at present moment I an earning a pay check in a manner that is very debilitating to my being, I know that it is short term… it will end…  I will find something better.  Most importantly – I am where I am supposed to be… To finally feel that I belong is the greatest freedom that I have known… No, we didn’t know anyone before moving here and we really haven’t had time to develop friendships yet but it still feels right… Even if I were to have no friends at all this would still be where I would choose to be because my heart, and soul are at peace here.