shaman drumThe problem with marching to the beat of your own drum is that it may be, and in my case generally is, different from the drum most march to… Fortunately my mate hears the same drum… Granted, my hearing is more acute than his when the drum sounds and so others may believe that it is mine alone but happily he hears it too… So, the question then is this… why are so many people unable to simply accept our choice of where to live? Ever since we began telling family and friends of our decision to move we have been besieged by those who “know what’s best” for us… Either through outright statements about how ridiculous it is or through the pointing out of the supposed “flaws” in our chosen local… although they sincerely believe that they have our best interests at heart all it does is cause us to want to draw away and it doesn’t change our plans… When my daughter and her husband got married and announced their intentions to move 2000 miles away I didn’t like it but after telling them that I was concerned because they were so very far away from family and friends we sent them off with our blessing because, like it or not, it’s not my life… I don’t get to decide what is right for anyone else… that’s in spite of the fact that I’m the self-proclaimed  “Queen of the Universe”…  I get very tired of all the hand-wringing about how “sorry” people are about us selling our house… Why is everyone else so upset? It’s our house after all…  When I ask why they are so “sorry” everyone says something about how hard we worked and how “nice” it is and “oh woe is you”… Yes we did work hard, and yes, it is pretty nice but guess what… It’s going on the market and all that hard work will translate into dollars giving us the ability for us to do what WE want to do… not what everyone else wants…  I know that most of the time these comments are meant in love but it makes me so much more grateful to those in our lives that express support for us and our decision… those who encourage us to not just march, but even dance to the beat of our own drum… you know who you are, those most precious ones who respect that we are marching in the direction that is best for us…   Tolkien wrote “not all who wander are lost…” and for those of us who choose the road “less traveled” sometimes the journey is a bit circuitous… Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we get there…



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