Winter Wolves

wolf songBoreas! Boreas! Release the wolves of winter,

Send them coursing down the long night…

Ice fanged, frost furred,

eyes diamond sharp… bringing cold death to the soft days…

Spilling the hot blood of summer

Rivers of red gouting down from wind tossed limbs…

pooling on the earth in slowly decaying piles that rustle

a tale of greener days…

Boreas! Boreas! Let the wolves run…

Howling down from the north…

the conquerors song

whining around eves and windows

They come on silent paws…

tracks drifting around fence and door,

nipping at heels through unseen cracks…

Boreas! Boreas! Send now the wolves,

Leashed through all the swelling days of light

Lean and hungry the pack will hunt

Devouring the last vestiges of exposed flesh

until sated they rest…

gnawing contentedly on summers bones


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