Perception IS reality…

Who we are and who others think we are, are sometimes two completely different things…  Most people, if asked, would say that I am an extrovert when quite the opposite is true… Although I am not quiet or shy, and am reasonably skilled in working with the public I am an introvert to the core… For anyone just observing me, it would seem that my preferred career would be working with people when in truth, I would much rather work alone or with just my mate or a few close friends…  Like it or not we are all judging and being judged constantly and our perception is our personal reality…  If the only time people in this town saw my mate and I was on a Saturday when we were filthy from working outside in our oldest clothes they might well assume we were street people… The same logic carries over into moral perceptions as well… If we act in a manner that is inconsistent with who we truly are then we should not be surprised when we are judged accordingly… Is it fair? Probably not – but it is reality… If we dress like a hooker or hang out on street corners we may very well have someone proposition us… If we continually banter with members of the opposite sex in a risque manner we should expect the rumors to spread …  It pains me when people say things about my loved ones,  friends or family that I know to be untrue but unfortunately, there is often nothing I can say in their defense because I have witnessed the behaviors that caused these perceptions to develop…  It’s a hard lesson to teach to our children… especially in today’s culture where questionable behavior is the norm on social media… How can we help our daughters understand that dressing like a “working girl” is not attractive – simply slutty… How can we help our sons understand that the language of gangs and criminals does not make them “cool” or “tough”  – just ignorant… the sad part is, people who don’t know these youngsters may forever judge them by their youthful actions… Fortunately for us we are each masters of our own destinies… our actions and words become self fulfilling prophecies as the world around us responds to each individual as they see them to be…  In truth, perception IS reality.


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