Farewell my friend

I said “Farewell” to a friend yesterday…  it wasn’t easy… still isn’t… and probably won’t be for some time.  I know from past experiences that tears and time will soften the jagged edges of grief.  Life goes on, the wheel of seasons will continue to roll and if I am fortunate, I will be blessed with other friends who enrich my life as much as he did. I knew when we became friends that I would most likely outlive him but this was sudden, unexpected and gave me no time to prepare for the loss…  Life is not fair… it happens without consulting us and all we can do is look at what “is” and decide how to move on from that moment in time… every path we take will lead us in a slightly different direction and irrevocably alter who we will become… As painful as it is to deal with loss or injustice, it can be a wonderful gift… we can choose to let bitterness, grief and perceived unfairness stunt our growth and twist our soul until it resembles a bonsai tree or, we can use the adverse circumstance as an opportunity to grow stronger. Some people when faced with such a situation let grief scar their heart so that they are never hurt again… in doing so they shut themselves off from not only the pain of loss but also the incredible joy and love that is found in living life fully… I have loved and lost family and friends… some have moved on from this life others have simply moved on… No matter how they leave each loss is a death and must be mourned…  their memory honored… We come into this life and one day we will leave… it has always been this way… we are born, we live and we die… moving from one life to the next… learning and growing with each lifetime… There are those here now that I have known before… Others I will see again in another life.  In the days to come I will cry and remember my friend with love knowing that in the end my tears and this crushing sense of loss will transform his memory into a diamond in my heart. Fare well on your journeys Cochise… Thank you for all that you gave to me… we will meet again.


One thought on “Farewell my friend

  1. Ann Visser says:

    I’m sorry! 😦

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