Greetings! Let me introduce myself. I do not claim to be an “expert” on anything but I have seen more than 50 years on this planet and although I am an intensely private person sometimes I feel compelled to speak… Lift my voice against what I see as apathy and injustice or simply share from a watchers perspective some observations from life lessons learned…  Who knows?  Perhaps this will be a solitary voice howling into the immensity of cyberspace, unheard and unheeded… but maybe, just maybe, someone will hear and find solace in knowing that I share their views and feelings or conversely am a worthy adversary.  I am in a wonderful marriage to a man who is also one of  my best friends. I am the mother of an amazing young woman and recently became a grandmother … I like to hunt, fish, ride my mustangs, spend time with my dogs and am passionate about being environmentally conscious…  I don’t believe in coincidence – I do believe in magic…  I will go for now and put this on the electronic wind…

Wolf Walker


3 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Once again I must compliment you on your eloquence ♡ where you write..I will read:-):-)

  2. Ann Visser says:

    I’m impressed!

  3. Chet and Kayleen says:

    Awesome!!! We look forward to following you!

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